Social: Prioritizing Our People and Communities
Worker Health and Safety
We are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all our workers. Within our company, among other efforts, we conduct annual internal audits to ensure our business operations comply with our health and safety standards, and we identify and correct the root cause of nonconformance. Through our Vendor Code of Conduct, we demand that our key manufacturing suppliers adopt similar standards for their employees’ health and safety.
Our Worker Health and Safety Plan is certified to ISO45001 standards, the world’s voluntary, international standard for occupational health and safety. We believe that certifying to these standards enables our company to provide safe and healthy workplaces by preventing work-related injury and health issues.
Human Rights
For more than 70 years, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has served as a common standard for all peoples and nations working to protect fundamental human rights.
We condemn the use of forced, slave or child labor in any form. We will not conduct business with any organizations found to have violated these human rights. We are committed to preserving and promoting the fundamental rights of others and we respect all internationally recognized human rights, in particular, those set forth by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Our Supply Chain
We demand our suppliers act with integrity and treat the people who work for them fairly and with dignity. This is why our key manufacturing suppliers are required to sign our Vendor Code of Conduct. Further, our Quality Assurance Group regularly audits our key manufacturing suppliers’ wafer fabrication and assembly facilities to ensure that their social responsibility practices and environmental systems comply with important industry certifications such as ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO45001, and the Responsible Business Alliance standards. These audits are conducted onsite every other year, supplemented by written certifications in off years. We have yet to uncover any ESG nonconformance issues as of the writing of this report.
Additionally, as we pledge in our Conflict Minerals Policy , we avoid the use of cobalt and other conflict minerals originating from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries, as specified in the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010. We require this of all our key manufacturing suppliers as well. For conflict minerals originating in other countries, we follow all regulations and processes to perform due diligence down to the source of conflict minerals (smelter level), and our key manufacturing suppliers certify that they do the same.
Giving Back
We encourage our employees to give back to their communities. Our company routinely provides donations to charities in the communities where we operate. Some of the non-profit organizations where many of our employees have donated their time, money, and expertise are:
  • The Healthier Kids Foundation
  • The Hsing Family Foundation
  • The Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  • Second Harvest of Silicon Valley
  • Bellevue Boys & Girls Club
  • The Seattle Symphony
  • The Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  • The Virginia Mason Foundation
  • Medical Teams International
  • The Overlake School
At the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic, our company volunteered our engineering expertise to assist with the need for life-saving ventilators. Utilizing our broad range of technologies, we constructed a straightforward prototype leveraging MIT-designed open-source ventilator schematics. This device can be immediately deployed for emergency use if needed by medical suppliers.