2.5V-6Vin Boost WLED Driver



The MP1488 is a step-up converter designed for driving up to 27 WLEDs (9 strings of 3 WLEDs each) from a 5V system rail. The MP1488 uses a current mode, fixed frequency architecture to regulate the LED current, which is measured through an external current sense resistor. Its low 104mV feedback voltage reduces power loss and improves efficiency. The OV pin monitors the output voltage and turns off the converter if an over-voltage condition is present due to an open circuit condition. The MP1488 includes under-voltage lockout, current limiting and thermal overload protection preventing damage in the event of an output overload. The MP1488 is available in a small 6-pin TSOT23 package.


  • 2.5V to 6V Input Voltage Range
  • On Board Power MOSFET
  • Drives up to 27 White LEDs at 5V Input
  • Up to 92% Efficiency
  • Over 1MHz Fixed Switching Frequency
  • Open Load Shutdown
  • Low 104mV Feedback Voltage
  • Soft-Start/PWM Dimming
  • UVLO, Thermal Shutdown
  • Internal 800mA Current Limit
  • Available in a TSOT23-6 Package


  • Isw Limit (A)0.8
  • Ishutdown (µA)0.1
  • 最小输入电压2.5
  • Vin (max) (V)6
  • Channels1
  • fsw (min) (kHz)1300
  • fsw (max) (kHz)1300
  • Vout (max) (V)25
  • Vfb (V)0.104
  • GradeCatalog
  • Rds(on) (mΩ)500
  • PackageTSOT23
  • Power MOSFETIntegrated
  • TopologyBoost
  • Dimming (Output)P-Dim
  • Iq (mA)0.69
  • Typical LCD Screen SizesSmall (<10")