85VAC~265VAC/50Hz, 12V/0.65A, 5V/50mA, Off-line Primary-Side-Regulator, Home Appliances Evaluation Board
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The EV020-5-S-01B Evaluation Board is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of MP020-5. The MP020-5 is a primary-side-control offline regulator which can eliminates secondary feedback components.

The EV020-5-S-01B is typically designed for small home appliances which output 12V/0.65A and 5V/50mA load from 85VAC to 265VAC, 50HZ/60HZ.

The EV020-5-S-01B has an excellent efficiency and meets IEC61000-4-5 surge immunity and EN55022 conducted EMI requirements. It has multi-protection function as open circuit protection, short-circuit protection, cycle by cycle current limit and over-temperature protection, etc.


  • Primary-Side–Control without Opto-Coupler or Secondary Feedback Circuit
  • Precise Constant Current and Constant Voltage Control (CC/CV)
  • Integrated 700V MOSFET with Minimal External Components
  • Variable, Off-Time, Peak-Current Control
  • 550µA High-Voltage Current Source
  • 100mW No-Load Power Consumption
  • Programmable Cable Compensation
  • Multiple Protections: OVP, OCP, OCkP, OTP, and VCC UVLO
  • Natural Spectrum Shaping for Improved EMI Signature
  • Low Cost and Simple External circuit


带 CC/CV 控制和 700V MOSFET 离线原边调节器

MP020A-5 是一款离线原边调节器,可提供精确的恒定电压和恒定电流控制,无需光电耦合器或副边反馈电路。MP020A-5 集成了 700V MOSFET。

MP020A-5 采用可变关断时间控制方式,让反激转换器工作在断续导通模式(DCM)。MP020A-5 还具有多种保护功能,如 VCC 欠压锁定保护(UVLO)、过流保护(OCP)、过温保护(OTP)、开路保护(OCkP)和过压保护(OVP)。其内部高压启动电流源和节电技术可将空载功率损耗限制在30mW 以内。

MP020A-5 的可变开关频率技术能实现自然抖频效果并降低 EMI,非常适用于离线、低功率电池充电器和适配器。