Buck-Boost White LED Driver For TV Backlighting Applications
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The EV4601EF-00A Evaluation Board is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of MPS’ MP4601EF for TV backlighting applications. MP4601 is an integrated Buck-Boost white LED driver which is suitable for TV and big panel backlighting applications with MPS patented pending technology.

With a 12V input VIN and a high voltage source VINH, EV4601EF-00A can deliver a regulated voltage (VINH to VINH+60V) to drive a LED string over 350V. The LED current is regulated to about 120mA. The EV4601EF-00A can be synchronized. Several EV4601EF-00As can be used together to drive a TV panel


  • Novel Power Leverage Control Technology
  • Negative Output Buck-Boost Operation
  • Switching Frequency Synchronization
  • Analog and PWM Dimming Control
  • Programmable Cycle-by-Cycle Over Current Protection
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • LED Short and Open Protection
  • Fault Output for Short LED Protection
  • Output Short Circuit Protection


Power-Leverage Buck-Boost WLED Driver

The MP4601 is an integrated white LED driver. It can be applied with MPS patent pending technology to drive up to 60 inch or larger size LCD TV backlighting, in which the LED string voltage can be up to 350V. The novel technology can leverage the LED drive power by regulating only small portion of the LED drive voltage. As a result, working together with a fixed high voltage source, a low voltage LED driver can be used to drive the high voltage LED strings with super high power density, high efficiency and low cost due to the low voltage stress, high switching frequency, and smaller size of passive components. MP4601 is a current mode controlled buck-boost regulator. With a 12V input VINL and a high voltage source VINH, it can deliver a regulated voltage (VINH to VINH+63V) to drive a LED string with up to 100 LEDs. It can drive an external switch, which is in series with the LED string, to achieve over 1:1000 dimming ratio. Analog dimming can be applied in the same time to further improve the dimming ratio. Fault protection includes LED open strings protection, output short circuit protection, cycle­by­cycle peak current limiting, and thermal shutdown. MP4601 is available in TSSOP16-EP and SOIC16 packages.