MP88xx I2C GUI


Configure multiple parameters of the MP88xx including output voltage and fsw.



This I2C GUI allows you to program the MP88xx . By using this I2C GUI, you can set the output voltage, switching frequency, slew rate, and operation mode. Please reference the parts respective user guides for installation and programing instructions.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or later

.Net Framework 4 or later

USB 转 I2C/PMBus 通信接口设备,包含在产品评估套件中,也可单独购买

EVKT-USBI2C-02 包含在产品评估套件中,也可单独购买。该通信接口同时兼容USB 转 I2C 端口和 USB 转 PMBus 端口。它是设计用于 MPS I2C 和 PMBus 产品和虚拟平台及 I2C GUI 工具上。与 MPS 虚拟平台和 I2C GUI一起使用可以简单快速地评估 MPS 的数字产品性能。

EVKT-USBI2C-02 套件包括:

  • 1 个 USB 转 I2C 通信设备接口
  • 1 根 USB 线
  • 1 根 10 芯排线
  • 1 根 3 芯排线
  • 带有规格书和驱动文件的拇指驱动

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