Magnetic Angle Position and Contactless HMI Sensors

If you are a developer of applications which requires angle detection, you might encounter several issues to improve contact volume lifetime and off-set, or encoder space limitations, or need to improve angle detection performance for low power applications.

MPS’s MagAlphaTM Magnetic Angle Sensor product family will help you to solve those issues.

MagAlphaTM Magnetic Angle Sensor Product Family

The MPS MagAlpha family of magnetic angle position sensors offers a revolutionary way to measure angles. The MagAlpha range offers unique performance advantages compared to rival magnetic sensing technologies.

Magnetic Angle Sensor IC & SpinAxis Angle Detection Method

Advantages of MagAlpha Angle Sensors

Instantaneous, Absolute Angle Sensing
High Resolution up to 15-bits
High Bandwidth up to 21kHz
Low Total Error (INL) <0.1°
Ideal for Battery-Powered Applications with <0.5uA Idle Current
Smallest Footprint: 2mm x 2mm x 0.6mm UTQFN
Flexible Sensor Placement: Side-Shaft or On-Axis

SpinAxisTM Hall measurement technique

MagAlpha sensors use the patented SpinAxisTM Hall measurement technique that provides instantaneous angle position in a digital format. SpinAxis uses a phase detection approach that eliminates any need for analog to digital conversion or complex angle calculation used by more traditional technologies.

SpinAxis Hall Measurement Technique Image

Positions to use MagAlpha Magnetic Angle Sensors:

End-of-Shaft Mode

Side-Shaft Mode

Orthogonal Side-Shaft Mode


The MA600 is a precision, high-bandwidth magnetic angle sensor that detects the absolute angular position of a permanent magnet, typically a diametrically magnetized cylinder on a rotating shaft. Integrated with a precision TMR sensor, it achieves high bandwidth and high accuracy (INL), making it an ideal solution for position control and robotics.

Sever Motor Block Diagram


Using our proprietary SpinAxisTM Hall Sensor Technology, this encoder provides true absolute position data and can be used on-axis, side axis and side axis orthogonal applications. Some potential applications include products requiring low average power consumption, such as battery-powered devices, IoT, HMI, and space-constrained applications such as extremely small motors or mechatronic systems.

MA782 provides stand-of-art angle detection with a small package

MagAlpha Magnetic Angle Sensors Design Support


Tool Name Type Description
Position Sensors Design Support Downloads 1 stop access to related software and documentations
Magnetic Simulation Tool Online Simulate the most appropriate positioning for MagAlpha products

Evaluation Tool

Item Name Part Number Description
Test Board MA (Long) TBMAxxx-LT MagAlpha product evaluation board with square shape
Test Board MA (Round) TBMAxxx-RD MagAlpha product evaluation board with round shape
MagAlpha Communication Kit EVKT-MACOM Universal PC USB interface kit for all MagAlpha sensor products
Magnetic Knob EVKT-LT-KNOB Use in case of testing MagApha product for rotary applications. Applicable for the square shaped MagAlpha test board.
Magnets for MagAlpha Sensors MAG10 Use in case of using MagAlpha product with end-of-shaft mode

* Apply MagAlpha part number 3 digits for "xxx"

** Test boards are available from each MagAlpha product detail page