Programmables FAQs

How do I create a DC-DC module with my own specifications?

There are 2 options for building a module with your own specifications.

Option 1 – Program in your lab:

Purchase the mEZDPD3603A-0001 Field Programmable module. You’ll also need the PKT- ZPD3603A Programming Kit for Configurable Modules and the Virtual Bench Pro 3.0 software.

Option 2 – Design and Simulate on the MPS Website:

Adjust the parameters via the website. Save your configuration and MPS will program and ship your modules within 10 days.

How do I order a mEZDPD3603A module?

The Field Programmable version can be purchased via the website or your sales representative.

The Web Programmable version must be purchased with your configuration via the website.

Note: Due to the programming element of the mEZDPD3603A it is not available via our distributors.

Can I reprogram a mEZDPD3603A module in my lab once it’s been programmed with my original configuration?

Yes. When you receive a part that’s been programmed with your original configuration, you can reprogram the device once more in your lab. 

Can I order non-programmed modules and write to ROM memory?

Yes, order a non-programmed mEZDPD3603A-0001 and use the the PKT- ZPD3603A Programming Kit for Configurable Modules and the Virtual Bench 2.2 software to configure and write to Memory. See the User Guide for complete instructions.

How do I order in bulk?

Bulk orders are handled by our sales representatives. Please find the contact nearest to you.

After prototyping with the module am I able to buy other passives for high volume production?

Yes, we provide a full Build of Materials for each module. The individual IC’s and other passives can all be order separately. The configuration applied to the module can also be used in the IC for matching performance.