Monolithic Power Systems FPGA Solutions

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ICCINT, ICCIO or ICCAUXVin = 3.3/5.0VVin = 12VVin = 24V
1A MP2158 MP1469 MP2314
2A MP2162 MP28259 MP2314
3A MP2143 MP28258 MP2315
4A MP8606 MPQ8632-4 MPQ4470
5A MP8606 MPQ8632-6 MPQ4470
6A MP8606 MPQ8632-6 MP38671
8A MPQ8612-12 MPQ8632-8 MP38671
10A MPQ8612-12 MPQ8632-10 MP38671
12A MPQ8612-12 MPQ8632-12 MP38875
15A MPQ8612-20 MPQ8632-15 MP38875
20A MPQ8612-20 MPQ8632-20
>20A MP8620
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