Reference Design: AMD Xilinx Zynq 7000 Industrial Ethernet Board

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The MPS Industrial Ethernet Reference design for the AMD Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC combines a small footprint with good efficiency and tight regulation. Three MPM3630 3 amp buck modules combine with an MPM3610 1 amp buck module and two LDO regulators to provide power rails to the Zynq SoC. The output rails are from 0.75V to 3.3V, from a 12V input supply.


      • Small Footprint: 0.45sq inches.
      • MPM3630, 3A, 18V DC/DC in 3x5 QFN
      • MPM3610A, 1.0A, 21V DC/DC in 3x5mm QFN
      • Module solutions, include inductor with DC/DC Converter
      • Efficiency = 78% (12V to 1.0V/2A)
      • +/-4% DC accuracy, -40 to +125ºC, including feedback resistors
      • Effective Sequencing gated by Power Good and Enable signals
      • MP20073 VTT Regulator, up to 2A sink/source, MSOP-8 package
      • MP20043 Dual 300mA LDO Regulator, 2x2 QFN package, 75dB PSRR, 7uV low noise output

Block diagram

MPS Products Used

Part Number Quantity Description
MPM3630 3 3A, 18V, High-Efficiency, Step-Down Regulator Module with Integrated Inductor and Power Good
MPM3610A 1 Synchronous rectified, step-down module converter with built-in power MOSFETs, inductor, and two capacitors.
MP20073 1 The VTT-LDO is a 2A sink/source tracking termination regulator. Specifically designed for low-cost/low-external component count systems, where space is a premium.
MP20043 1 Dual-channel, low noise, low dropout and high PSRR linear regulator with programmable output voltage.