APEC 2022

APEC On-Demand Presentations

  • Voltage Requlator Module: Enhance Thermal Performance
  • Switch-Mode Power Modules: Optimize to Achieve Ultra-Low (μV) Ripple and Noise
  • EMC Virtual Lab: Analyze EMI Reduction Techniques
  • Power Converters: Mythbusting EMC Techniques
  • Voltage Regulation Transformer: Hybrid Transformer Based on Interline Power Converters
  • Synchronous Rectification Boost Converter: Analysis of Mathematical Modeling of Soft Switching
  • Single-Stage Soft-Switching Isolated Inverter: A MHz LCLCL Resonant Converter Based with Variable Frequency Modulation
  • Boost PFC Converter: Feasibility and Accuracy Analysis of Input Power Estimation Without Additional Sensor
  • Hybrid Voltage Regulation Transformer: Var Control Capability Analysis


Copper & DC/DC Power Supplies Learn when it is beneficial to use copper layering beneath a DC/DC power supply to improve EMI results Designing a PoE Solution On top of covering general Power over Ethernet (PoE) requirements, MPS offers easy, efficient solutions for all current protocol levels Isolated Gate Drivers Understanding isolated gate drivers: their types, applications, and benefits Small Isolated Power Modules These tiny power modules integrate a transformer and 5V isolated supply for robustness and reliability in harsh industrial environments Comparing PFC Topologies This article offers a comparative study of interleaved boost vs. totem-pole PFC topologies Understanding Bridgeless PFC Totem-pole topology requires fewer components, reduces cost, and increases efficiency and power density Portable Power Stations This use case features isolated gate drivers in a portable power station High-Voltage Buck Converters Learn how these 100V, 80V step-down converters achieve top-tier integration and efficiency Totem-Pole Reference Design Totem-pole PFC topology is becoming more popular. See how it can help improve robustness and reduce your time-to-market Green Isolated Solutions Learn how MPS’s isolated power solutions promote carbon neutrality 5G Power Supply Solutions MPS has developed a 5G power supply solution that ensures stable power delivery, accurate current sensing, and highly efficient PFC Flyback Converter Regulation Discover if primary-side regulation or secondary-side regulation is the better method for implementing a control loop in your converter CCM vs. DCM Compare the differences between CCM and DCM operation Gate Driver Protections: CMTI To guarantee safety and reliable performance, high common-mode transient isolation (CMTI) is critical for gate driver applications