Increasing Power Density and Efficacy article

Increasing the Power Density and Efficacy of Datacenters

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Article: Increasing the Power Density and Efficacy of Datacenters Using a Two-Stage Solution for 48V Power Distribution

Current datacenters typically have a 12V backplane and distribution on board and need to convert the voltage down to around 1V, which is usually achieved with a synchronous buck regulator, single- or multi-phase. The racks in these datacenters normally max out at a power rating of 20kW. To increase the power density per-rack to about 100kW to reduce the datacenter size, a 48V backplane and distribution can be used, but doing this poses challenges. To drive 48V down to the board, traditional synchronous buck regulators cannot be relied on.

Our new article outlines a two-stage solution to drive 48V down to the point of load (POL, approximately 1-5V) in a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective manner that will benefit the next generation of server power delivery.

Originally published in Power Electronics News.

October 2017