What They Don't Teach about SR in School

What They Don't Teach about SR in School

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Article: What They Don't Teach about Synchronous Rectifiers in School--Selected Topics from Real Designs

In recent years, global regulatory agencies have proposed efficiency standards to further improve global energy savings. It has become mandatory for manufacturers to improve the efficiency of existing standalone power supply products to meet DoE Level VI in order to sell them to the US market. To push for higher efficiency in AC/DC adapters, many have found that switching a flyback output Schottky diode to a synchronous rectifier (SR) controller with a MOSFET generally saves efficiency by 2~3% or more. 

Our new article, What They Don't Teach about Sychronous Rectifiers in School, discusses topics related to practical designs, such as SR in continuous conduction mode (CCM), package inductance influence, SR at high- or low-side, and erroneous SR on/off due to ringing and how to avoid it.

Originally published in Bodo's Power Systems (page 66-67).

May 2018