Automotive-Grade, 16-Channel, Current-Sink Matrix LED Driver: MPQ7225

Optimized for Tomorrow’s Automotive LED Lighting Applications

The MPQ7225 family enables vivid and bright animations within automotive headlight or taillight designs. With lighting applications utilizing hundreds of LEDs for achieving brilliant resolution, the MPQ7225 allows up to 16 devices to be cascaded, for a total of 256 channels. Compact lighting elements for aesthetics yield smaller PCBs where heat management becomes critical. With functional safety becoming more important in automobiles, the MPQ7225 is engineered to aid a system in achieving a functional safety grade of ASIL-B. The MPQ7225 is also optimized for EMC and can achieve CISPR25 Class 5 compliancy. The MPQ7225 simplifies your design and allows you to create more efficient, more robust, and safer automotive LED lighting applications.


  • 16 channels individually driven up to 200mA
  • One-time programmable (OTP) memory
  • Complex animations can be set with an external MCU
  • 12-bit pulse-width modulated dimming or 6-bit analog dimming for each channel
  • Compact QFN-32 (5mmx6mm) package with wettable flanks- High-speed, CAN-compatible differential interface
  • Adaptive feedback control allows board temperatures to be cooled by nearly 40°C
  • Programmable phase-shift between channels, current slew rate, frequency spread spectrum, and selectable PWM dimming frequency
  • Built-in protection features include a failsafe pin and fault registers, LED short, LED open, pin open, pin short, and thermal warning and shutdown

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