Eliminate Audible Noise Webinar Video

Eliminate Audible Noise Webinar

Connectivity is one of the hottest trends driving automotive designs. Vehicles will soon be able to stream high-definition video, tune in to satellite radio, and self-navigate based on precision GPS/GNSS data — all while constantly talking to other vehicles, city infrastructure like streetlights and traffic signs, scanning for pedestrians, and more. Electronics are thus being squeezed into smaller form factors and being bombarded by myriad transmission signal waves (and their harmonic frequencies).

All of these innovations make it surprisingly easy to inadvertently design a power supply with unwanted audible noise. In this webinar, Senior Applications Engineer Ralf Ohmberger explores how such accidental whirs and hums are created, tracing their source to the complex interaction of external transmission signals with board components and their layout. He’ll also offer guidance on how to troubleshoot such designs, and provide easy and budget-friendly ways that these effects can be mitigated or even outright eliminated..