Flyback vs. LLC Power Supplies: High-Voltage Converters Series

Compare the Advantages of LLC vs. Flyback Converters in Isolated Gate Drivers

Isolated gate drivers are key parts of power converters, and require isolated power supplies to provide the gate driving voltage without breaking the isolation barrier. One of the most frequently used topologies for these applications is the flyback converter. However, increased leakage inductance caused by minimizing the interwinding capacitance loosens the coupling between the primary and secondary inductors, which causes large efficiency loss and forces designers to select larger, more expensive components.

New technological developments have made LLC converters the most efficient topology for isolated gate driver power supplies. They use a resonant LLC tank to ensure highly efficient power conversion. Using the leakage inductance created by the transformer as the resonant inductor in the tank prevents efficiency loss. Though they can be slightly more complex to design and control, integrated LLC transformer drivers such as the MPQ18913 save significant board space and reduce BOM cost

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