Isolated LLC Transformer Driver: MPQ18913

Isolated LLC Transformer Driver Replaces Flyback Solutions

The MPQ18913 is a 30V, 6W, high-frequency, automotive LLC transformer driver for isolated bias power supplies. Designed for automotive and industrial applications, this solution can be used as a flyback replacement for biasing IGBTs and SiC FETs. LLC resonant topology enables minimal isolation capacitance, a much higher isolation voltage, and a higher switching frequency. With fewer required components and a solution size up to 40% smaller than flybacks, the MPQ18913 can save nearly 50% BOM cost without compromising performance.


  • Up to 5kV isolation
  • Up to 6W of power
  • 87% peak efficiency, and up to 85% full load efficiency
  • Soft switching architecture enables optimal EMI performance in addition to optional spread spectrum
  • AEC-Q100 qualified, capable of optimal performance in harsh automotive environments
  • Available in a QFN (2mmx2.5mm) package with wettable flanks

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