Non-Isolated, Two-Phase, Step-Down Intelli-Module for Server Applications: MPC22163-130

Core Power Intelli-Module Optimized for High-Performance Computing Applications

The MPC22163-130 is a 130A, non-isolated, two-phase, step-down processor core power intelli-module designed for applications such as AI processors in OAM form factors, FPGA and ASIC core power, and PCIe accelerator cards. Available in an LGA-72 (9mmx10mmx7.65mm) package, this reduced solution size improves layout, and can improve the power delivery network by reducing the distance from the output to the load, thereby lowering I2R loss. The MPC22163-130 is scalable for many processor core power intelli-modules in parallel, with up to 2kW or more of power. It also offers increased power density and excellent efficiency with low thermal resistance.


  • Integrated Two DrMOS, Inductors, FETs, and Multuiple Input Capacitors
  • Above 91% Peak Efficiency at 5V VIN and 0.8V VOUT
  • Scalable
  • Independent Phase Outputs for Added Flexibility
  • LGA-72 (9mmx10mmx7.65mm) Package Provides a Compact 90mm2 Layout Area

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