Smallest Isolated Linear Hall-Effect Current Sensor: MCS1806

Best-In-Class Isolation and Working Voltage in A Compact SOIC-8 Package

This linear, Hall-effect current sensor delivers 3kVRMS minimum isolation voltage and 500VRMS maximum working voltage. The MCS1806 is designed for a variety of applications requiring high isolation, and is immune to stray fields when in close proximity to other applications such as motors. It is highly integrated, requiring a minimal number of external components and comprising the smallest isolated solution size on the market. A primary conductor with a low resistance allows current to flow close to the sensing IC, which contains high-accuracy Hall-effect sensors. In addition, the MCS1806 senses up to ±50A with a low, 0.9mΩ primary conductor, resulting in high efficiency with a large safe operating area.


  • UL certified
  • Improved performance over pin-to-pin compatible SOIC-8 solutions
  • Available in an SOIC-8 package
  • Spinning current technique provides a low, stable offset
  • Measures currents from ±5A to 50A within 2.5% over temperature
  • Peak surge current specification capability

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