From Cold Crank to Load Dump - A Primer on Automotive Transients Webinar

The modern vehicle is packed to the gills with sophisticated electronics, all of which must thrive in a dynamic environment of extreme highs and lows. This applies not only to temperature ranges, but also supply voltages — in particular, the 12V or 24V primary supply that delivers power to myriad subsystems can surge by several times its nominal range (load dump), plummet to near depletion (cold crank), or even end up topsy-turvy (negative)!

In this webinar, we provide a primer on the various transient conditions that modern vehicle electronics must contend with, including:

  • Cold/Warm Crank
  • Reverse Voltage
  • Load Dump

We’ll review common transients specified by most automotive OEMs, and how these requirements are adapting to new automotive trends such as electrification and the digitalization of the vehicle cockpit.

We will be presenting the same content 2 times.  Please select the day and time that works best for your location.