Understanding Datasheet Thermal Parameters and IC Junction Temperature Webinar

Automotive systems of the future will demand higher power and integrate more electronics, making thermal management a big area of concern. Unfortunately, it can be quite confusing trying to understand how a datasheet’s thermal parameters translate to your real design – when should you use theta instead of psi, for example, and how to convert PCB temperatures to what’s going on inside the IC.

In this webinar, automotive application engineering expert Ralf Ohmberger provides a foundation for understanding how to think about thermal management more intuitively and help you achieve cool-running, cost-optimized solutions. Join us for an insightful talk that will demystify datasheet thermal parameters, explore the relationship between application ambient versus PCB or IC junction temperatures, and describe how power dissipation changes with temperature. 

We will be presenting the same content 2 times.  Please select the day and time that works best for your location.