MPX2001 评估套件,带集成原边和副边控制器的反激控制器

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EVKT-MPX2001-45-PD 作为 MPX2001 的评估套件,包含一套专用于 45W Type-C PD 适配器的评估板。此评估板具有极小的形状因数体积和极高的功率密度,其电气特性适用于典型手机和电脑电源适配器。另一特色是其非常低的空载功耗(<0.075W)和极高的整体效率,大大超过 DOE 等级 VI 和 CoC 等级 2 的要求标准。采用 USBCEE USB-C 电源适配器测试仪 (PAT)可以方便评估电路板性能。该套件还包含了一个带有相关测试程序和支持文件的U盘。


  • EVX2001 评估板 (EVX2001-Y-02C)
  • USBCEE 电源适配器测试仪 (PAT)
  • USB 拇指驱动,可存储 USBCEE PAT 实用程序
  • 微型 USB 线和 Type-C 线



MPX2001 是一款集成反激控制器。MPX2001 同时集成了原边驱动电路、副边控制器和同步整流驱动器,具有原边调节(PSR)和副边调节(SSR)的双重优势。由于无需反馈电路,使用 MPX2001 的系统会变得简单,从而也最终降低了整个 BOM 成本。同时,同步整流器(SR)可以完美匹配原边MOSFET的驱动信号。介于此种特性,同步整流器(SR)可以在连续导通模式(CCM)下安全工作,提高芯片的整体效率,让设计变得更加灵活。MPX2001 具有领先的保护功能,包括原边检测输出过压保护(OVP)和原边过流保护(POCP)、实际副边检测输出过载保护(OLP)、过压/欠压保护((B/O, B/I)、短路保护(SCP)、电流检测短路保护(SSP)、内部过温保护(TSD)、欠压锁定保护(UVLO)和外部触发保护(Ext.P)。

90VAC~265VAC/50Hz/60Hz, 12V/5A Evaluation Board

The EVX2001-Y-00CEvaluation Board is mainly designed to demonstrate the capabilities of MPS highly integrated controller MPX2001. The MPX2001 is an all-in-one flyback controller aims at high-performance and high-integration solution. It combines the primary side driver, secondary side controller and synchronous rectifier (SR) driver in one chip. So the opto-coupler and TL431 can be removed from the secondary side and SR can be turned off on time without any shoot through risk. 

The EVX2001-Y-00C is typically designed for a general adapter. Its specification is listed in the below table.

The EVX2001-Y-00C has excellent efficiency, which can meet CoC V5 and DoE Level Ⅵ requirement easily. It meets IEC61000-4-5 surge immunity and EN55022 conducted EMI requirements. It has multi-protection function, e.g., Brown In/Out, over load protection, over voltage protection, short-circuit protection, cycle by cycle current limit and over-temperature protection, etc.

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