2A, 32V, 330KHz Step-Down Converter



The MP1591 is a high voltage step-down converter ideal for automotive power adapter battery chargers. Its wide 6.5V to 32V input voltage range covers the automotive battery's requirements and it achieves 2A continuous output for quick charge capability. Current mode operation provides fast transient response and eases loop stabilization. Fault protection includes cycle-by-cycle current limiting and thermal shutdown. In shutdown mode, the converter draws only 20μA of supply current. The MP1591 requires a minimum number of readily available external components to complete a 2A step-down DC to DC converter solution.



  • Wide 6.5V to 32V Input Operating Range
  • 34V Absolute Maximum Input
  • 2A Output Current
  • 120mΩ Internal Power MOSFET Switch
  • Stable with Low ESR Output Ceramic Capacitors
  • Up to 95% Efficiency
  • 20μA Shutdown Mode
  • Fixed 330kHz Frequency
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Over Current Protection
  • Output Adjustable From 1.23V to 21V
  • Under Voltage Lockout
  • Reference Voltage Output
  • Available in 8-Pin SOIC Packages


  • fsw (max) (kHz)330
  • 最小输入电压6.5
  • Vin (max) (V)32
  • Iout (max) (A)2
  • Isw Limit (typ) (A)3.6
  • Max Duty Cycle (%)0.9
  • Vfb (V)1.23
  • Iq (typ) (mA)1
  • 额定输出1
  • Vout (max) (V)21
  • Vout (min) (V)1.23
  • GradeCatalog
  • PackageSOIC-8