Power Solution with Ultra-Low Standby Power, Integrated 240mA current limited Switching Regulator, Linear Regulator, and Relay Driver



The MP161 integrates a 700V switching regulator, a low-dropout linear regulator, and two channel relay drivers. The MP161 also has a special standby mode to minimize standby power. The MP161 is designed for home automation, industrial automation, and any other applications that adopt relays and MCUs. The 700V switching regulator adopts constant voltage (CV) regulation with internal loop compensation. Light-load efficiency is optimized by proper modulation of the switching frequency and peak current. Various protections are also included to guarantee reliable operation. The integrated low-dropout linear regulator is able to operate with an input up to 30V. The output voltage is fixed at either 5V or 3.3V. The MP161 also has over-temperature protection (OTP). Built-in relay drivers are intended to drive up to two relays using the switching regulator output. Freewheeling diodes are integrated to cut down external components. When standby mode enabled, the switching regulator output voltage is lowered to reduce power consumption. The MP161 is available in a SOIC-16 package.


  • 700V Switching Regulator
  • Integrated 700V MOSFET and Current Source
  • Constant Voltage (CV) Regulation with Internal Loop Compensation
  • Optimized Light-Load Efficiency by Frequency Modulation
  • Standby Mode
  • Anti-Audible Noise Operation by Peak Current Modulation
  • Adjustable or Fixed 12V Output
  • Low Operating Current
  • Over-Temperature Protection (OTP), Short-Circuit Protection (SCP), Overload Protection (OLP), and Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)
  • Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
  • Up to 30V Input Voltage
  • Fixed Output, with 3.3V and 5V Options
  • Over-Temperature Protection (OTP)
  • Relay Driver
  • 2O On State Resistance
  • Rail Voltage up to 30V
  • Integrated Freewheeling Diode
  • Nominal Off Driver


  • Vac (max) (V)265
  • Vfb (V)2.5
  • Vbr (V)700
  • Rds(on) (Ω)14
  • Isw Limit (mA)420
  • Vac (min) (V)85
  • Power Range DefinedNo
  • Control MethodOn-Off
  • PackageSOIC-16
  • GradeCatalog
  • TypeBuck Regulator
  • Iregulator (mA)4.1
  • Ileak (µA)10

Power Solution with Ultra Low Standby, Power, Integrates Switching Regulator, Linear Regulator and Relay Driver

The EV161-S-00A Evaluation Board is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of MP161. The MP161 is a primary-side constant voltage regulator providing accurate constant voltage (CV) regulation without Opto-coupler.

The EV161-S-00AEvaluation Board is designed as Buck application. EV161-S-00A typically drives a 12V/70mA, 5V/50mA output from 85VAC to 265VAC, at 60/50Hz.

The EV161-S-00A has an excellent efficiency and meets 2kV IEC61000-4-5 surge immunity and EN55022 conducted EMI requirements.

The MP161 is dedicated to home automation, industrial automation and any other applications that adopt relays and MCUs. It integrates a 700V switching regulator, a low dropout linear regulator, and two channel relay drivers. It also has a special standby mode to minimize the standby power.

MP161AGS-5 is used in this evaluation board, it is in SOIC16 package. This board can be used for MP161B and MP161C evaluation.

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