3V-5.5V, 1A-5A Current Limit Switch with Over-Voltage Clamp and Reverse Blocking



The MP5017 is a protection device designed to protect circuitry on the output from transients from the input. Also, it protects the input from unwanted shorts and transients coming from the output.
During start-up, the inrush current is controlled by limiting the slew rate at the output. The slew rate is controlled with a small capacitor at DV/DT.
The maximum load at the output is current limited. The magnitude of the current limit is controlled by an external resistor from ILIMIT to GND. By controlling the gate voltages with a pair of N-channel MOSFETs, any current flowing from the output to the input is blocked.
Under-voltage lockout (UVLO) ensures that the input is above the minimum operating threshold before the power device is turned on. If the input voltage rises above 5.8V, the output voltage is limited quickly to 5.8V. SAS/OV is used to program the input over-voltage protection threshold.
is an open-drain output that reports a fail mode (low level) when any over-current, over-temperature, or output over-voltage is detected.
The MP5017 is available in a QFN-12 (2mmx3mm) package.


  • 3V to 5.5V Continuous Operating Input Range
  • 16V Absolute Maximum Input Voltage
  • Output Discharge
  • SAS/OV Disable to Support DEVSLP or POWER_DOWN
  • 5.8V Fast Output OVP Response
  • Reverse Current Blocking
  • Integrated 45mΩ RDS(ON) Power FET
  • Adjustable Current-Limit through ILIMIT
  • 210μA Low Quiescent Current
  • Programmable Soft-Start Time through DV/DT
  • Fast Response for Hard-Short Protection
  • Fault Indication for Over-Current, Over-Temperature, and Output Over-Voltage
  • OTP Auto-Retry with 76ms Recovery Delay
  • Available in a QFN-12 (2mmx3mm) Package


  • EnableActive High
  • Fault FlagThermal Fault = Tri-State
  • Ilimit (A)Prog.
  • Slew Rate ControlYes
  • Special FeaturesReverse-Current Blocking
  • Rds(on) (mΩ)45
  • GradeCatalog
  • PackageQFN-12 (2x3)
  • Channels1
  • Iq (typ) (µA)210
  • Iout (max) (A)5
  • Vin (max) (V)5.5
  • 最小输入电压3

85VAC~265VAC/50Hz/60Hz, 5.3V/10A 4个 USB 端口评估板

EVHFC0500+MP6902+MP5017-00A 评估板是一套主要用来演示 MPS 反激控制器和副边同步整流(SR)驱动器性能的评估板。HFC0500 是一款高性能、高集成的全功能反激控制器,而 MP6902 是一款能显著提高变换器效率的副边同步整流驱动器。 MP5017 是一款电流控制器,用来保护电路。

EVHFC0500+MP6902+MP5017-00A 是一款典型的、含有4个USB端口的手机充电器,每个端口都具有 2.4A 的电流源,其输入范围为 85VAC 至 265VAC, 频率为 50HZ/60HZ。

EVHFC0500+MP6902+MP5017-00A 具有极高的效率,并能轻松满足 CoC V5 合 DoE Level Ⅵ 要求。该评估板符合 IEC61000-4-5 浪涌抗扰度测试(Surge Immunity)和  EN55022 传导 EMI 要求。它还具有多种保护功能,如欠压保护/开启、过载保护、过压保护、短路保护、逐周期限流保护和过温保护等。

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