Enhanced LLC Controller with Adaptive Dead-Time Control



The HR1001L is an enhanced LLC controller that provides new, adaptive, dead-time adjustment (ADTA) and capacitive mode protection (CMP) features. The HR1001L is the OCP latch-off version of the HR1001B. ADTA inserts a dead time between the two complimentary gate outputs automatically by keeping the outputs off while sensing the dV/dt current of the half-bridge switching node. ADTA features an easier design, lower EMI, and higher efficiency. The HR1001L incorporates anti-capacitive mode protection, which prevents potentially destructive capacitive mode switching if the output is shorted or has a severe overload. This feature protects the MOSFET during abnormal conditions, making the converter robust. The HR1001L has a programmable oscillator that sets both the maximum and minimum switching frequencies. It starts up at a programmed maximum switching frequency and decays until the control loop takes over to prevent excessive inrush current. The HR1001L enters controlled burst mode at light loads to minimize the power consumption and tighten output regulation. Full protection features include two-level over-current protection (OCP), external-latch shutdown, brown-in/brown-out, capacitive mode protection (CMP), and over-temperature protection (OTP).


  • Two-Level Over-Current Protection (OCP): Frequency Shift and Latch-Off Mode
  • Adaptive Dead-Time Adjustment (ADTA)
  • Capacitive Mode Protection (CMP)
  • 50% Duty Cycle, Variable Frequency Control for Resonant Half-Bridge Converter
  • 600V High-Side Gate Driver with Integrated Bootstrap Diode with a High-Accuracy Oscillator of High dV/dt Immunity
  • Operates up to 600kHz
  • Latched to Disable Input for Easy Protection
  • Remote On/Off Control and Brown-Out Protection through BO
  • Programmable Burst Mode Operation at Light Load
  • Non-Linear Soft Start for Monotonic Output Voltage Rise
  • Available in a SOIC-16 Package


  • Vref (V)2
  • 最小输入电压8.9
  • Vin (max) (V)15.5
  • Iop (mA)3
  • Iq (mA)1.2
  • fsw (max) (kHz)600
  • Vbr (V)618
  • Vfb (V)2
  • Typical Pmax (W)600
  • Capacitive Mode Protection
  • Adaptive Dead Time Control
  • High-Voltage Start-UpNo
  • PackageSOIC-16
  • TypeResonant Controller
  • GradeCatalog
  • Control MethodAnalog
  • Power Range DefinedNo