12-Bit, Digital, Contactless Angle Sensor with ABZ & UVW Incremental Outputs



The MA302 detects the absolute angular position of a permanent magnet, typically a diametrically magnetized cylinder on a rotating shaft. Fast data acquisition and processing provide accurate angle measurement at speeds from 0 to 60,000 rpm.

The MA302 supports a wide range of magnetic field strengths and spatial configurations. Both end-of-shaft and off-axis (side-shaft mounting) configurations are supported.

The MA302 features magnetic field strength detection with programmable thresholds to allow sensing of the magnet position relative to the sensor for creation of functions such as sensing of axial movements or for diagnostics.

On-chip non-volatile memory provides storage for configuration parameters, including the reference zero angle position, ABZ encoder settings, UVW pole pair emulation settings, and magnetic field detection thresholds. 


  • 12-Bit Resolution Absolute Angle Encoder
  • Contactless Sensing for Long Life
  • SPI Serial Interface for Digital Angle Readout and Chip Configuration
  • Incremental 10-Bit ABZ Quadrature Encoder Interface with Programmable Pulses Per Turn from 1 to 256
  • UVW Interface with 1 to 8 Pole Pair Emulation
  • Programmable Magnetic Field Strength Detection for Diagnostic Checks
  • 3.3V, 12mA Supply
  • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature

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AppNote: Selecting the Right Magnet

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AppNote: Replace Optical Encoders


  • PackageQFN-16 (3x3)
  • 最小输入电压3
  • Vin (max) (V)3.6
  • fcutoff (Hz)390
  • Latency (µs)8
  • Isupply (mA)11.7
  • tstart-up (ms)12
  • GradeCatalog
  • Refresh Rate (kHz)1000
  • Output FormatABZ, SPI, UVW
  • Resolution (bits)12
  • Sensor PositionEnd-of-Shaft, Side-Shaft
  • ABZ Pulses per Turn per Channel1 to 256
  • Temp Range (°C)-40 to +125
  • Magnetic Field (min) (mT)30

MA302 长条形评估板

TBMA302-Q-LT-01A 是 MagAlpha 磁位置传感器 MA302 的长条形测试板。长条形评估板支持传感器贴装在板的边缘上,因此可以适用于侧轴和同轴两种配置。

它需要搭配 MagAlpha 通信套件(EVKT-MACOM)和 Macom App(见下文)使用,允许用户使用自己的设置来评估 MagAlpha 的功能和性能,比如噪声等级、刷新率、通电时间和磁场依赖性。


¥ 68.50 + tax

Round Eval Board for MA302

The TBMA302-Q-RD-01A is the round test board for the MagAlpha magnetic position sensor MA302. This configuration is used for end shaft sensing.

It requires the communications kit (EVKT-MACOM) and the Macom App Software (see below) to evaluate MagAlpha functionality and performance with your set-up, such as noise level, refresh rate, power-up time, and magnetic field dependence.

In addition to this round test board there is a long format version (LT) where the sensor is mounted on the edge of the board and can therefore be used in both side-shaft and end-of-shaft configurations.

¥ 68.50 + tax

用于 MagAlpha 通信套件的 Windows 桌面应用程序和驱动。

用于 MagAlpha 通信套件的 Windows 桌面应用程序和驱动。Macom App 为用户提供了可视化的角度读取图形界面,帮助其快速轻松配置传感器。需使用 MagAlpha 通信套件和传感器前端电路板。


MagAlpha 通信套件 (EVKT-MACOM)

传感器评估板(TBMAxxx-Q-RD, TBMAxxx-Q-LT 或 EVKTxxx-KNOB)


MACOM 通信套件用户指南


Macom Software Exe File

MagAlpha 通信套件

EVKT-MACOM是 MagAlpha磁位置传感器系列的通信工具。EVKT-MACOM可以与 MagAlpha测试板(TBMA)和评估套件(EVKT-KNOB)无缝连接和操作。该套件包含一个微控制器主板、使用相关电缆可适配不同的传感器子板。

¥ 513.75 + tax