600kHz Switching Li-Ion Charger with System Power Path Management



The MP2618 is a monolithic switching charger for 2-3 cell Li-Ion battery packs with a built-in internal power MOSFET. It achieves up to 2A charge current with current mode control for fast loop response and easy compensation. The charge current can be programmed by sensing the current through an accurate sense resistor. MP2618 regulates the charge voltage and charge current using two control loops to realize high accuracy CC charge and CV charge. The system power path management function ensures continuous supply to the system by automatically selecting the input or the battery. Power path management separates charging current from system load. When the MP2618 realizes current sharing of the input current, charge current will drop down according to the increase of the system current. Fault condition protection includes cycle­by­cycle current limiting, and thermal shutdown. Other safety features include battery temperature monitoring, charge status indication and programmable timer to cease the charging cycle. The MP2618 is available in a 28-pin, 4 x 5mm QFN package.


  • Charges 2-3 cell Li-Ion battery packs
  • Wide Operating Input Range
  • Up to 2A Programmable Charging Current
  • Power Path Management with Current Sharing
  • ±0.75% VBATT Accuracy
  • 0.28Ω Internal Power MOSFET Switch
  • Up to 90% Efficiency
  • Fixed 600kHz Frequency
  • Preconditioning for fully depleted batteries
  • Charging Operation Indicator
  • Input Supply and battery fault indicator
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Over Current Protection
  • Battery Temperature Monitor and Protection


  • Operating Vin (min) (V)5.5
  • Operating Vin (max) (V)24
  • Number of Series Cells2, 3
  • GradeCatalog
  • NVDCNo
  • Vbatt (max) (V)4.2
  • Icharge (max) (A)2
  • fsw (kHz)600
  • Special FeaturesPower Path
  • PackageQFN-28 (4x5)
  • Timer
  • NTC Monitoring
  • EN Control
  • Charge Status Yes
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