21A, 16Vout High Efficiency Full-Integrated Synchronous High Power Boost Converter with Programmable Input Current Limit



The MP3431 is a 600kHz, fixed-frequency, wide input range, highly integrated, boost converter. The MP3431 starts from an input voltage as low as 2.7V and supports up to 30W of load power from a 1-cell battery with integrated low RDS(ON) power MOSFETs.
The MP3431 adopts constant-off-time (COT) control topology, which provides fast transient response. MODE supports the selection of pulse-skip mode (PSM), forced continuous conduction mode (FCCM), and ultrasonic mode (USM) in light-load condition. The programmable input current limit provides accurate overload protection. The low-side MOSFET limits the cycle-by-cycle inductor peak current, and the high-side MOSFET eliminates the need for an external Schottky diode.
Full protection features include programmable input under-voltage lockout (UVLO) and over-temperature protection (OTP).
The MP3431 is available in a QFN-13 (3mmx4mm) package.


  • 2.7V to 13V Start-Up Voltage
  • 0.8V to 13V Operation Voltage
  • Up to 16V Output Voltage
  • Supports 30W Average Power Load and 40W Peak Power Load from 3.3V
  • Programmable Input Current Limit
  • 21.5A Internal Switch Current Limit
  • Integrated 6.5mΩ and 10mΩ Power MOSFET
  • >95% Efficiency for 3.6V VIN to 9V/3A
  • Selectable PSM, >23kHz USM, and FCCM in Light-Load Condition
  • 600kHz Fixed Switching Frequency
  • Adaptive COT for Fast Transient Response
  • External Soft Start and Compensation Pins
  • Programmable UVLO and Hysteresis
  • 150°C Over-Temperature Protection (OTP)
  • Available in a QFN-13 (3mmx4mm) Package


  • Vout (min) (V)1
  • 最小输入电压0.8
  • Vin (max) (V)13
  • Isw Limit (typ) (A)21.5
  • Iq (typ) (mA)0.45
  • 额定输出1
  • fsw (max) (kHz)600
  • Vout (max) (V)16
  • Vfb (V)1
  • PackageQFN-13 (3x4)
  • GradeCatalog
  • Special FeaturesOVP, Programmable Current Limit, Programmable UVLO, Selectable PSM/USM/FCCM
  • SS外部
  • Down ModeNo
  • PGNo
  • Input/Output DisconnectNo

21A High Efficiency Fully-Integrated Synchronous Boost Converter EV Board

EV3431-L-00A Evaluation Board is designed to demonstrate the capability of MP3431. The MP3431 is a 600kHz fixed frequency, wide input range, highly integrated boost converter. It starts from an input voltage as low as 2.7V, and supports up to 30W load power from 1-cell battery.

MP3431 adopts constant-off-time (COT) control topology providing fast transient response. One MODE pin supports mode selection of PSM, FCCM and USM in light load condition. And the integrated LS and HS MOSFET simplify the design and save BOM cost.

The MP3431 features with programmable Input current limit provides accurate over load protection while low-side MOSFET limits cycle-by-cycle inductor peak current. And It also features with programmable input UVLO and over temperature protection.

The MP3431 is available in a 13-pin 3mmx4mm QFN package.

¥ 175.50 + tax

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