USB Charging and Wireless Charging

USB Charging and Wireless Charging

MPS’s automotive USB chargers are fully integrated USB charging solutions combining high-efficiency DC/DC step-down converters and current-limit switches, with the option of single- or dual-output Type-A or Type-C ports. These advanced charging port products incorporate many common protocols, such as USB Type-C (15W), USB Type-C Power Delivery, DCP, CDP, and BC1.2. They are engineered help automotive customers design compact, thermally optimized USB charge ports for use throughout the vehicle.

MPS’s highly efficient, scalable portfolio of automotive wireless charging solutions includes step-down and step-up converters and with an integrated power stage, buck converter, and op amp. These components support both inductive and resonant wireless charging topologies, and meet the WPC QI 1.3 wireless power transmission standard. They also minimize thermal dissipation and help minimize EMI, keeping safety at the forefront. MPS’s compact, reliable power management solutions provide everything you need to power the next generation of in-car wireless chargers.

Less Design Work: High integration simplifies designs
Easy to Use: Compatible with the latest standards
Superior Performance: Excellent efficiency and thermals
AEC-Q100 Qualified
Automotive application ready

High Power Efficiency
Excellent thermal performance

Leading Power Density
Reduces space requirements

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