Improved TRIAC-Dimmable, Primary Side Control Offline LED Controller with Active PFC



The MP4030A is a TRIAC-dimmable, primary-side-control, offline LED lighting controller with active PFC. It can output an accurate LED current for an isolated lighting application with a single-stage converter. The proprietary real-current-control method can accurately control the LED current using primary-side information. It can significantly simplify LED lighting system design by eliminating secondary-side feedback components and the optocoupler. The MP4030A implements power-factor correction and works in boundary-conduction mode to reduce MOSFET switching losses. The MP4030A has an integrated charging circuit at the supply pin for fast start-up without a perceptible delay. The proprietary dimming control expands the TRIAC-based dimming range. The MP4030A features multiple protections including over-voltage protection (OVP), short-circuit protection (SCP), primary-side over-current protection (OCP), supply-pin under-voltage lockout (UVLO), and over temperature protection (OTP). All of which not only simplifies circuit design but also enhances system reliability and safety greatly. All fault protections feature auto-restart. The MP4030A is available in an 8-pin SOIC package.


  • Primary-Side-Control without Requiring a Secondary-Side Feedback Circuit
  • Internal Charging Circuit at the Supply Pin for Fast Start-Up
  • Accurate Line & Load Regulation
  • High Power Factor and Improved THD
  • Flicker-Free, Phase-Controlled TRIAC Dimming with Expanded Dimming Range 1% to 100% Full Range
  • Operates in Boundary Conduction Mode
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit
  • Primary-Side, Over-Current Protection
  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over-Temperature Protection
  • Available in an 8-Pin SOIC Package


  • SyncNo
  • Open LED ProtectionYes
  • PackageSOIC-8
  • GradeCatalog
  • TypeBuck-Boost, Flyback
  • Vfb (V)0.4
  • Vac (max) (V)305
  • Pout (max) (W)50
  • Vac (min) (V)85
  • Iq (mA)0.8
  • Ishutdown (µA)0.22