Low Start-up Voltage Boost Converter with Four SPDT Switches



The MP5410 is a high efficiency, current mode step-up converter with four single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) switches designed for low-power bias supply application. The device can boost dual-cell NiCd/NiMH or single-cell Li+ battery to 10V output voltage.  The MP5410 can start up from an input voltage as low as 1.8V. It uses a current limited variable frequency control algorithm to optimize efficiency and minimize external component size and cost. The internal low resistance N-Channel MOSFET switch can withstand up to 16V allowing the MP5410 to produce high output voltage with high efficiency. In addition, the MP5410 can disconnect all loads from input DC power supply. The integrated schottky diode reduces external parts to save critical board space.  The MP5410 features low shutdown current allowing the part to draw less than 1µA off current in shutdown mode. And it includes input under voltage and over temperature protection.  The MP5410 is available in a small 16-pin QFN 3mmx3mm package.


  • 1.8V Low Voltage Start-Up
  • 1.8V to 5.5V Input Range
  • Output Disconnection
  • Integrated Power MOS & Schottky Diode
  • Variable Frequency Control
  • <1μA Shutdown Current
  • Current Mode Control with Internal Compensation
  • More than 80% Efficiency at Light Load Conditions
  • Tiny External Components
  • Inrush Current Limiting and Internal Soft-Start
  • Input UVLO
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • 3mmx3mm QFN16 Package


  • Vfb (V)1.23
  • 最小输入电压1.8
  • Vin (max) (V)5.5
  • Iq (typ) (mA)0.028
  • 额定输出5
  • Step-Down DC/DC Controller0
  • Step-Down DC/DC Converter0
  • Step-Up DC/DC Controller0
  • Step-Up DC/DC Converter1
  • Internal LDO0
  • GradeCatalog
  • PackageQFN-16 (3x3)
  • Step-Up Converter Current (A)0.1 to 0.8
  • Special FeaturesOutput Disconnect, Variable Frequency Control
  • SS内部
  • PGNo
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